Ilves International matches and results

Located at the heart of Tampere, Ilves is Finland’s largest football club with over 4000 registered players. We are known for our quality youth program, which includes about 2500 boys and 1500 girls. Ilves competes at the highest leagues in all categories, from our youngest youth all the way to the men’s and women’s teams. We have over 30 national team players, and recent players to go play abroad from our club include Otto Huuhtanen(Newcastle United), Mikael Soisalo (Middlesbrough F.C.) and Emmaliina Tulkki (Linköpings F.C)

The youth program supports the club by fostering local talent who can have a route into professional football. The Academy delivers individuals with the necessary tools, values and social skills to provide a realistic attempt at reaching their own unique individual goal.

Fudamentally we hope that each child who steps into our youth program can play football at the level that is suitable for them. However, local infrastructure, quality coaching and close collaboration with local schools allows us to provide our players with quality conditions every day. 

International matches and tournaments
The success of our youth teams abroad, and also the professional manner of our players have earned us representation into some of the most prestigious youth football tournaments in Europe. These matches provide valuable information for our young boys and girls on how football is played abroad, and what we can work on to improve.

On this page, you can find the current schedule of forthcoming international tournaments, as well as results of past matches played against teams abroad.

The contact person at Ilves with regards to International Matches is Marco Baruffato: marco.baruffato(at), +358451472450


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